Clear the Air (CTA) is committed to the introduction and implementation of measures to significantly reduce air pollution in Hong Kong, through advocacy and education.

CTA has been active as a volunteer-based NGO and official charity since 1997 to address the city’s increasingly concerning air pollution problem through several important and needed missions:

  • Providing a platform for the local community to take action.
  • Promoting strong, focused community support for air pollution control measures.
  • Working with the government and stakeholders to find practical solutions.
  • Educating the public on the importance of understanding what air pollution does to citizens’ own health and wealth.
  • Providing a platform for the local community to take action.

CTA’s membership is in excess of 1500 and growing, made of people across Hong Kong society from all social and professional backgrounds. About its activity, CTA is regularly involved in educational presentations in schools and supplies information on air quality to all sorts of events.

CTA is also regularly contributing in the media and at various forums, privately or government held to advocate ways to improve Hong Kong’s air quality.


Clear The Air Executive Committee

  • James Middleton
    James MiddletonChairman
  • Bob Tsui
    Bob TsuiVice-Chairman Science Officer
  • Andrew Mak
    Andrew MakTreasurer
  • Christian Masset
    Christian MassetPast Chairman