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Air Quality Objectives - Our Stance

We are disappointed by and angry at the government’s lack of sincerity and determination to improve the air quality of Hong Kong. Here's why.

Download Your "No Idling Engine" Sign

Can't find a way to politely tell engine idlers to turn off their engines? Download this sign and show the polluters that clean air is everybody's responsibility!

Clear The Air & School Talks

We offer FREE school talks aimed at delivering facts and statistics and raising studend awareness on Hong Kong's air quality. Click here if you are interested!

Hedley Environmental Index

The Hedley Environmental Index monitors and publishes the economic costs of Hong Kong’s air pollution in terms of its public health impact and monetary value. (Note: Links to an external site.)

The Real Air Pollution Index

Hong Kong's air reading standards are 20 years behind the times. Get WHO-standard readings on any of 14 local Air pollution monitoring stations throughout Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's Pollution Problem

See which air pollutants are exceeding WHO safety levels at this page with detailed graphs provided by Greenpeace. (Note: Links to an external site.)

You Can Make a Difference

CLEAR THE AIR is a registered Charity and all donations are tax deductible. Your donation helps us to educate and empower the public to clear up the skies of Hong Kong.

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Current Issues

Demand a complete ban on idling engines across Hong Kong

Demand improvements in air quality in the streets, in residential areas and near schools, as it exists now in many countries.


Putting Hong Kong on the MAP

HKUST research shows that general EPD air quality is lacking.


An Open Letter to the HK Government

In preparation to the Vote on the Budget, an Open Letter to the HK Government on Tobacco Tax


Hong Kong tobacco taxation and its results

Customs data confirms what WHO and the World Bank have stated for years.


Is the ACE an effective environmental watchdog?

Air quality around Tung Chung is already bad and will get worse once North Lantau is opened up to road traffic from the mainland.


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Welcome to Clear The Air

We are a volunteer group supported by individual membership fees and donations. We are committed to the introduction and implementation of measures to significantly reduce air pollution in Hong Kong.


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